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  • Her book about motherhood, A Life's Work: On Becoming a Motherwritten after her first daughter was born and when she was pregnant with the second, got a violently mixed reception she is the mother mums love to hate on Mumsnet because it dared to describe new motherhood's limbo in exhausting, exhaustive detail.
  • But in my experience, very few students really want or take pleasure in this elaborate simulation.
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Rachel Cusk: 'If you want people to like you, don't write' In recent years, though, she has taken solace in the company of other writers, people such as Deborah Levy, who lives up the road. In responding to the formal problems of the novel representing female experience, she began to work additionally in non-fiction.

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As a fine arts program rather than an English program, students focus on the practice of writing rather than the study of literature. You'll take on teaching assistantships to gain experience in evaluating and assisting undergrads, and to acquire actual classroom teaching skills in the area of writing rather than in English literature.

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